I'm a designer and artist based in the East Bay in California. I have designed for a variety of clients and also at large and small agencies. I have designed for the HP, AT&T, Ali Akbar College of Music, the Merit School of Music, Grace Cathedral and Change.org. I am currently studying Graphic Design for MFA Design at CCA.

We're becoming more and more divided as a culture and maybe even around the world. I really think we need to find more things that connect us to each other, to ourselves, and to the environment.

If we can begin to look more closely at things like the mind-body connection, the role of movement in our lived experience, and become more aware of the spaces we spend so much time in, maybe we can make a better world, or at least just come to new experiences of our lives.

I try to make tools, stories, and experimental designs to help socially conscious and engaged adults, who may have a more holistic perspective of technology.

I do a ton of research, and the combination of research and design is the fundamental way I understand the world, and I hope my work and help do that for people.